ESET MOBILE SECURITY keeps your Android device safe. Comprehensive protection for your Android smartphones and tablets

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  • Real-time Scanning

Ensures that all installation files and installed apps are automatically screened for malware. You stay well-protected against online and offline threats including viruses, trojans and ransomware

  • On-demand Scanning

Whenever you suspect foul play, run a scan on your phone. It takes place silently in the background, without interrupting your ongoing activities. Access logs and detailed scan results to check for detected threats

  • ESET Live Grid

Ensures real-time protection against emerging threats by using in-the-cloud technology collecting malware samples from ESET product users from all over the world.

  • USB On-The-Go Scanner

Every connected USB device will be checked first to prevent malware accessing your smart phone

  • Anti-Phishing

Protects against malicious websites attempting to acquire your sensitive information – usernames, passwords, banking information or credit card details

  • Application audit

See which of your apps has access to what information on your smartphone or tablet. Also monitors sensitive device settings that can lower security such as Debugging Mode that can allow a connection to the system via USB.

  • Scheduled Scan

Schedule a regular scan for malware at a convenient time – overnight or while the phone is charging if desired.

  • App Lock

Keeps your applications safe against unauthorized access. Additional authentification is required when accessing sensitive apps so content can be hidden when lending the device to someone.

  • Automatic updates

Constant updates of your virus signature database.

  • Connected Home Monitor

Monitor your home network easily and with confidence. All devices connected to your home network are identified and automatically checked for vulnerabilities. Your router is also monitored to identify vulnerabilities and increase your level of protection when connected to a new network. Password strength is also checked and open ports are analyzed.

  • Call Filter

Block calls from specified numbers, contacts and unknown numbers.

  • Payment Protection

A new security layer that increases your security when you use sensitive apps to access your money or perform sensitive transactions. This feature automatically recommends protection of apps included in the Finance category (installed from the Google Play Store)

  • Proactive Anti-Theft

It acts when it detects suspicious behavior. If incorrect Screen lock (PIN, pattern, password) or unauthorized SIM is inserted, device gets locked and snapshots from phone cameras are automatically sent to The information includes the phone‘s location, current IP address, inserted SIM details and other data. The user can mark the device as missing at and start Location tracking or send Custom on-screen Message or even Wipe the device contents.

  • Custom On-screen Message

Send a custom message to the missing device to contact the finder. The message will appear on screen even when the device is locked.

  • Location Tracking

When the device is marked as missing, the location is regularly sent to and displayed on the map, helping you track its position in time. If the device‘s location changes, its location is sent to for up to date tracking.

  • Camera Snapshots

Snapshots are automatically and regularly sent from the phone‘s front and back camera to if the device is marked as missing. This helps to identify its location or its finder

  • Low Battery Alert

When the device is low on battery, its current position and camera snapshots are automatically sent to before the device shuts off.

  • SIM Guard

Lets you stay in control of your phone if it goes missing. Your phone will be locked when unauthorized SIM card will be inserted.

  • Anti-Theft Optimization

Automatic notification when settings are limiting Anti-Theft’s functionality (GPS turned off for example).