Safetica Data Loss Prevention

Protect your know-how, educate your users, comply with regulations

Data protection

Protect your critical data and manage data flow incidents

Your company runs on information. If your information gets leaked, it is almost inevitable that you will suffer financial loss, damage to your reputation or an increase in your competition.

What is the most important data in your company?


There are lots of ways to lose control of your data

Ever sent email to the wrong person? Or lost a USB drive? Data leaks can certainly be accidental, but sometimes, even frequently, data is leaked on purpose. All it takes is one unsatisfied employee.

Making a list of security rules is not enough

Your company needs data security software that guarantees your rules will be followed, your important data is secured and your processes are transparent.

Safetica Data Loss Prevention solution (DLP) helps you:


Safetica DLP protects you against data leaks

Safetica can tell when somebody is taking chances with your confidential information. Depending on which mode Safetica is operating in, it can either block the risky activity, inform an administrator, or remind your employee about your security guidelines. When you need to take a sensitive document out of your company (like on a USB), Safetica makes sure it is encrypted. So nobody can get ahold of your data unless you authorize it. You are safe even if a USB disk gets lost or stolen. With Safetica, what’s yours stays yours.


Safetica Discovery


Safetica Protection


Safetica Enterprise


Security Audit

Data-flow security audit

Office 365 file and email audit

Regulatory compliance audit

Workspace security audit

Content inspection classification

Detection of suspicious activities

Endpoint Data Protection

Email and network protection

Devices and print protection

Remote work protection

Advanced data classification

Different remediation policies

Incident Shadow Copy

Workspace control

Safetica Zone

BitLocker encryption management

Cloud Data Protection

Endpoint cloud sync protection

Endpoint Office 365 protection

Azure Information Protection

Exchange Online Protection

Enterprise Features

End-user rebranding

Workflow control

Multi-domain support

Security Automation

SIEM integration

FortiGate integration


EXTRA MODULES Safetica UEBA Safetica Mobile
Safetica UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

- Understand real user activity and behaviour in detail.

- Get a comprehensive overview of work time usage.

- Use the insight to secure your data and workspace

User activity audit

Behavior analysis

Extended reporting

Safetica Mobile    

- Protect data on mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets.

- Get an overview of mobile device status to identify risks.

- Audit activity both within apps and on websites.


Security audit


Workspace management